East Wing Surgery

Shortage of Blood Bottles

As no doubt you will have seen in the press and in the news there is an ongoing national / global shortage of the bottles that we use to take bloods.

All GP Practices were informed by NHSE late last week that until at least September 17th, we should perform blood tests only if absolutely necessary.

This is a situation totally beyond our control.

We are reviewing all our booked appointments on a daily basis.

If the clinical staff feel that we can SAFELY postpone your blood test, our reception staff will contact you to cancel and re arrange. Please understand that this will only be done if the clinicians feel that it is safe to do so.

All postponed blood tests will be added to a waiting list and as soon as we get the green light – this list will get priority for appointments.

The bloods that are ‘greenlighted’ to be taken:

1. If you need them for an urgent hospital referral under the 2 week rule or if the GP suspects sepsis or other acute issues which may necessitate hospital admission.

2. If bloods are required to continue to safely prescribe medication or if bloods are required to monitor a serious / unstable long term condition.

3. Or if we need you to have bloods to catch up with monitoring if it has been very delayed for any reason.

As soon as we get more information about the situation we will let you know.

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