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Call 111 when it's less urgent than 999Call 111 when it's less urgent than 999NHS 111 is the telephone service which has been introduced when you have an urgent need.  The telephone number is easier for patients to remember and replaces the contact number for NHS Direct and our Out of Hours provider.

NHS 111 is the number to call when you need medical help but it is not a life-threatening emergency.

  • Calls to NHS 111 are free from landlines and mobiles.
  • NHS 111 is available 24/7, every day of the year.

What to do when your GP practice is closed:

  • If you need medical help, which is not an emergency dial 111.
  • If it is a life-threatening emergency dial 999.

When to call 111?

  • You think you need to go to A&E or to another NHS Urgent Care Service.
  • Your GP surgery is closed and you need healthcare advice.
  • You do not know who to call for medical help.

When to call 999
You should call 999 for life threatening emergencies such as:

  • Major accident or trauma.
  • Severe breathlessness.
  • Severe bleeding.
  • Loss of consciousness.
  • Severe chest pain.

Out of hours services are provided during the following periods when the surgery is closed:
Monday to Friday after 6pm and up until 8.30am.
All day Saturday and Sunday.
During normal practice hours, we remain your first point of contact for all routine requests.

For more information about NHS 111, please click on the document below:

NHS 111 – FAQ’s


Do you have a long/short term condition?

Information is available at




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