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What is DrinkCoach

DrinkCoach is part of Humankind Charity and offers a number of digital products to encourage self-assessment, monitoring and behaviour change related to alcohol use.

Find out more about our products on https://drinkcoach.org.uk

The DrinkCoach Alcohol Test

The DrinkCoach Alcohol Test is a free, quick and confidential way for people to get feedback and advice about their drinking. The test is a digital version of the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) comprising 10 validated questions to reliably assess a person’s level of risk from their drinking. Test takers receive personalised advice and local follow up options based on their AUDIT score.

The DrinkCoach Alcohol Test is now available in South Tyneside

The DrinkCoach App

The DrinkCoach app is free to download and use and available on iOS and Android. It has a range of useful features designed to help people track and change their drinking on the go. App users can:

  • Use the Drink Tracker to monitor their unit intake, calories and cost
  • Share their summary directly with their keyworker or family/friends
  • Create and set goals
  • Set up location and time based alerts and reminders
  • Use the event diary to record hangovers and incidents
  • Access mindfulness videos for urge surfing
  • Take the DrinkCoach Alcohol Test

The App can be downloaded here 

Target Audience

DrinkCoach aims to reach all adults aged 18+ living in your area.

Our products are easily viewed across a number of devices including mobile, tablet or computer/laptop. 

Social Media

As a key stakeholder in your area we encourage you to follow our social media channels.

Social media can be used by all stakeholders to promote DrinkCoach to your audience. We have provided some sample Facebook and Twitter posts. Stakeholders are encouraged to like and share posts on their channels to increase reach during campaign periods.

Mention us in your DrinkCoach posts so we can like and share your content. We also share lots of content that will be relevant to your audience so please feel free to like and share our posts. We may tag you in specific posts and campaigns, so keep an eye out. 

DrinkCoach Channels

Twitter: @drinkcoach

Facebook: Drinkcoach

Website: https://www.drinkcoach.org.uk

App: DrinkCoach+





Please visit our website and feel free to share our blogs: https://drinkcoach.org.uk/blog

Tips for Cutting Down

Encourage your service users to sign up to our free 52 Tips mailing list, full of helpful strategies from our service users and advice from our Drink Coaches. Get weekly inspiration straight to the inbox. Sign up at: https://drinkcoach.org.uk/ 

How you can help

We’ve created some messages and accompanying images for you to share. Please feel free to adapt and amend them to suit your organisation’s brand/tone of voice. All that we ask is that you use the hashtags:



And tag @DrinkCoach & South Tyneside in all posts so they can be shared.

To download supporting images, please visit the DrinkCoach website.

Twitter/Facebook messages 

Here are some suggested social media posts to promote DrinkCoach through your channels. Don’t forget to visit the website above to choose and download your favourite graphic to go with these.

South Tyneside have partnered with @DrinkCoach to launch a new tool for residents. Take the free, quick and confidential Alcohol Test today. Get personalised feedback about your drinking. #TakeTheTest




Think you know your score? 16.4% of people who completed #TheAlcoholTest in 2019 were higher risk drinkers. Why not find out how risky your drinking is today, it only takes 2-mins and is completely confidential.




Find out more about your drinking by taking the DrinkCoach Alcohol Test. It’s free, quick and confidential. Available to all residents in South Tyneside.





Worried your lockdown drinking might be getting too much? Take the Alcohol Test to find out for sure. It takes only 2 mins and it’s completely confidential.





Track your drinking with the free #DrinkCoachApp. Just add your drinks and let the

app number crunch the units, calories and cost. Download the free app today.




Goal setting is a great way to start your journey. The #DrinkCoachApp has a goal

setting feature to help you write down and track your drinking goals. Download the

free app today.




Lost count of how many drinks you’ve had during the week? Download the free

#DrinkCoachApp and keep track on your phone. Available on iOS and Android.





Web Banners

Is there a place on your website that you can link to DrinkCoach? Whether it’s a dedicated alcohol information or local services page, we would appreciate a link to the DrinkCoach Alcohol Test.

Website Banners for the Alcohol Test are available in 3 sizes and can be downloaded here

Use the URL: https://drinkcoach.org.uk/south-tyneside-alcohol-test


Use the following content on your website:


The Alcohol Test

Want to know how risky your drinking is? Take the 2-min Alcohol Test; it’s free, quick and confidential. Receive personalised advice and information about local support options in South Tyneside. Take the DrinkCoach Alcohol Test today.

URL link: https://drinkcoach.org.uk/south-tyneside-alcohol-test


Free DrinkCoach App

If you want to track your units, calories and cost and set goals to reduce, download the free DrinkCoach App now, available on iOS and Android.





More images available to download here



Digital Assets and Printed Materials

Do you have a waiting area or give information packs to service users?

Your stakeholder pack contains some posters and info cards. Please display these in your services where possible or consider how the Alcohol Test can be used within your assessment of service users.

If you have a TV screen displaying local service information DrinkCoach has a selection of pre-sized digital screen images that you can download and use.


If you have staff or service user newsletter or bulletin you might want to consider including information about DrinkCoach. There’s some pre-written copy below.

South Tyneside launch DrinkCoach to help residents tackle their alcohol use

Free online Alcohol Test and App to help residents cut down


Humankind have launched DrinkCoach, a website and app to help residents find out more about their drinking. DrinkCoach allows people to assess how risky their drinking is and receive personalised advice online.


Many people enjoy alcohol responsibly; however it can also have a negative impact. The Department of Health estimate that 83% of people drinking above the recommended guidelines do not know they are putting their health at risk.


The DrinkCoach Alcohol Test is a quick and confidential way for people in South Tyneside to find out how risky their drinking is. By answering 10 simple questions, the test taker receives advice and, where appropriate is sign posted to local services.


In addition anyone can use the DrinkCoach App. The DrinkCoach App is free to download and use and is available on iOS and Android. It is a great tool to help people track and change their drinking. The App contains loads of useful features such as unit, calorie and cost calculators, goal setting, location based reminders, hangover diary, summaries and share functions.

To take the DrinkCoach Alcohol Test visit https://drinkcoach.org.uk/south-tyneside-alcohol-test



The DrinkCoach website is a great resource for staff and service users with a unit calculator and general alcohol information. Visit our website and feel free to share our page links. https://drinkcoach.org.uk


DrinkCoach Shop

DrinkCoach also has a number of printed resources including Unit Measure Cups, Unit & Calorie Wheels, Scratchcards and more. Visit the https://drinkcoach.org.uk/drinkcoach-shop for more information on products and prices.


For more information about any details in this pack please contact the DrinkCoach Team at innovation@humankindcharity.org.uk

Frequently Asked Questions


Is my data safe?

DrinkCoach takes data protection seriously. All DrinkCoach products have been data protection impact assessed and comply with GDPR legislation. No identifiable data is collected or stored when you use the Alcohol Test or App. We do not sell or pass on details to any third party.


Will I be identified?

The Alcohol Test is confidential and you are not required to enter any personally identifiable information. Some basic demographic information is collected (age range, gender, ethnicity) but the data is then aggregated in Google Analytics e.g. 51% female. The Local Authority do not receive any information that would identify residents that take the test.


Does DrinkCoach see what I enter into my app?

Some apps require you to set up an account with a username and password. For a smooth user journey experience DrinkCoach does not have this feature. When you download the app, any data you enter into the App is stored on your device (mobile, tablet) only. DrinkCoach does not have access to any data you enter. When you delete the app your data is permanently deleted.


Am I being tracked when I use the App?

DrinkCoach is not designed as a track and trace app. There is a location based reminder feature in the app. If you wish to use this feature you will need to allow the GPS function in your phone to be activated. This GPS function is only used to allow the location reminder to work – eg if you walk into your local pub the reminder note will pop up on your notifications. You can adjust (turn notifications on/off) within your settings at any time. DrinkCoach is not able to see where you are nor are we able to provide that data to a third party.



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